Misulsa Yeon'guhoe(Association of Art History) is the most traditional academic association concerned about all part of Art History in Korea. The Association was established in 1986, and membership is open up to overseas. The membership also entitles you to the recent issue of Misulsa Yeon'gu. The Misulsa Yeon'gu(Journal of Art History) is an annual publication of Misulsa Yeon'guhoe. The journal deals with topics on the histories of Korean and other Asian arts as well as the history of western art.

  Foreign Membership dues are able to select.

* Annual membership fee (including shipment fee) is thirty-five U.S. dollors ($ 35.00)
* 20-years membership fee is seven hundred U.S. dollars ($ 700.00)

Ffirst of all, Individuals or Institutions who wish to join the Misulsa Yeon'guhoe must send your informations (ex. name, adress, postal-code, telephone or fax number) by e-mail or mail. and the payment should be addressed to Misulsa Yon'gu and sent to the following address.
Misulsa Yeonguhoe

#409 Goryeo Building, 44-12 Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu,
Seoul 150-890 Republic of Korea
Tel: 82-2-784-1906 Fax: 82-2-784-1906 E-mail: webmisa@lycos.co.kr

or to be deposited directly to the following account

Name: Kim Lena-Misulsa Yeonguhoe
Account number: 298-810429-43107
Hana Bank, Seogyo branch, Seoul, Korea